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Budgeting can be a scary thing, but it doesn't have to be. We want to help you get your finances in order by giving you some simple tools.

10-10-80 Principle

A simple budgeting principle that we like here at Good Shepherd is called the 10-10-80 principle. It is very simple, you:

  • Tithe the first 10%

  • Save 10%

  • Live off of 80%


If you have debt, this can be modified:

  • Tithe the first 10%

  • Save 10%

  • Pay off Debt with 10%

  • Live off 70%

This system works well for many people, but if you happen to be more detail oriented, here is a sample budget form to download and try out.


Sign up for Financial Peace University

Starting Sept. 12th

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Online giving makes it easy to manage your tithes and offerings with Good Shepherd.

Giving at Good Shepherd has never been easier. With the new QR Code Reader, you can easily scan the code, and manage all of your tithes and offerings quickly and securely.

You can give in person at our Sunday service during the offering.



Tithing is simply a way to thank God for providing for you by giving Him back the first 10% of what we earn. Tithing helps remind us to place God first in our lives.

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